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Industrial facilities require a great deal of machinery to operate. Each of these need to be maintained regularly to keep them going and reduce the risk of failure. However, everything reaches the end of its service life. When steel pipe fittings break down, they have to be replaced by new and hopefully better ones. If you need technical advice regarding these, then call the experts at Stourflex. You will get great tips whether you are looking for new fittings to purchase or trying to solve issues with your current equipment. There is no better place to go to for pipework expansion products.

Extra information about steel pipe fittings

A Long History

The company has strong foundations and a history that spans more than a hundred years. It has been involved in pipeline engineering for at least five decades. This has proven to be a fruitful endeavour with steady growth being experienced from year to year. It was in the 1970s that Stourflex began to specialise in pipework expansion after having dabbled in related goods. Not only did the company gain attention for its products but also for its excellent customer support. Some of the biggest companies in the world have chosen to work with the company in recognition of its expertise including the automobile giant Toyota.

Excellent Quality

The quality of the Stourflex products is what ultimately carries the company forward. Customers can rest easy knowing that they will get the best ones available on the market. Indeed, all aspects of the operation are continually tweaked to ensure the highest efficiency and the best output. These have been verified by third-party observers. For example, the company was awarded with ISO 9001 certification for its technical support, supply, and marketing of pipework products. It also passed the strict regulatory standards for metal extraction and water quality. Cutting-edge hardware and software are used for the engineering and testing of all designs.

Custom Lagging Jackets

In addition, Stourflex has the ability to provide customers with accessories for various products. These include flexible lagging jackets for protection and other benefits. These are able to provide insulation after the part has been installed which means that heat losses can be minimised in a simple and practical manner. The system efficiency of heating systems can also be increased with leads to lower energy consumption and reduced energy spending. The same thing is true for cooling systems. These jackets are also durable enough to give protection from ultraviolet radiation and physical damage.

Reasonable Cost

The experts at Stourflex will be able to direct you to the right components for your needs to ensure compatibility. These items will also be cost-effective and budget-friendly. Their longevity alone means that replacements will not be needed as often as it would be with inferior alternatives. What's more, the performance is above all the competitors. Cost should not be a concern as there are easy payment methods to facilitate transactions. Fill in the credit application form to be considered or call the hotlines to get more information today.